A note on the text: Kiera Burke wrote and illustrated this story in February 2012. Her father transcribed it. As much as possible, he has attempted to preserve the orginal spelling and punctuation, but he has not proofread the story to confirm this. It is possible that he corrected some errors and introduced some of his own. But this should be very close to what Kiera wrote.

SERPENT EYE by Kiera Burke

There was once a brave worrier named Hemidan. Hemidan was very brave, braver in fact than any other worrier spoken of. He destroyed villans, devoured game and even killed dragons, but noone could defeat a serpent! Serpents were huge. They could breathe fire, fly, breathe in water or air, and they could eat 200 people and still be hungry. At last the people called up Hemidan. Help! Help! they cried the serpent will destroy us all! Hemidan got all of his best weapons together and went on his way. The people were over joyed; they wished him luck and bid him a collosal good bye as he rode away. Hemidan rod day and night until he came to the sea. The serpent had an army of monster bunnies. Hemidan groaned; even if he could defeat the serpent so many bunnies. Soon he relized that they were asleep. If he could just sneakup on them all then stab them one by one he could defeat it. He was just about to strike the serpent when it woke with all the bunnies. He (the serpent) was about to eat Hemidan when he ran away screaming for help. His horse followed feebly. When he got back and told everbody the news panting they sighed and said “well I guess you can go back tomorro.” So he did, he went back the next morning at sun rise he got up put on his well-greased armor and went on his way.

This time one stout man bunny with a batton and a bowtie was standing gaurd he slipped out of his hot armor and into his tunic and leggings as not to make any noise. He crept up behind the serpent and would have hit except that just then the lead bunny turned, gave a blood-curtling cry, and wake his fellow bunnies. Hemidan ran off scarcley remembering to pick up his armor as he went. The next day there was no gaurd and Hemidan had left his armor at home. He snuck up behind the creature and stabbed the thing in the right thigh; nothing. This time he tried the closed left eye nothing except the serpent waking up. I guess I'll just have to go to the library he thought. So he sprinted back off twoards home. He looked in the library first thing the next morning. Hemidal adored the library. It was wonderful for how to defeat vicous monsters and villans. He past dragons and giants, vampires and zombies, Medusas, and various other things and finally got to serpents he hurridly checked it out. On the way home he looked up the part about how to defeat them. To defeat the bunnies it read you must take a two pointed spear and stab the two eyes then to defeat the serpent itself you must chop off its tail take a very long spear reach it in through his body and stab it's heart. Plus 1. The scales will make good plate mail armor. 2 The skin is tasty. 3. The bunnies will make a nise decoration and are very valubal. Hemidan returned the book and bought a very long spear and a two pointed spear. (He allready had a sword.) Good luck! good luck! the people cried after him. Thank you he called over his shoulder. Hemidan was determined to save his country even if it meant the loss of his head. Hemidan crept forward quietly. He managed to kill 25 bunnies the first day and 50 the second befor runing away. The third he snuckup behind the serpent and cut off his tail the serpent uttered a cry but Hemidan was fast he took the spear and did exactly what the book said. Starting that night there was a twelve-day feast of the serpent the book didn't lie it was delicous. Hemidan kept 5 of the dead bunies and gave the other 70 away to varius ausome famous musyems. He got very rich from the bunnies and got nearly a hundred rounds of applause and yells of hooray. Srangley enogh whereever he went people bowing like he was an emporer. One day he decided he had to know. He went to the library and asked the librariean you didn't read the “prizes” section she explained as she got down the book he had read. Soon she had flipped to the “prizes” section.

She read down the page until she said ahh here it is then she read allowed the part she was looking for if you defeat the serpent youand your decendents will be forever-more King. Hemidan did not care about being king; his biggest treasure was that a tiny little non-bad bunny apeared after he killed the serpent and becam his faithful companion

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